From my heart to you !

For months I used to cry, felt like I wanted to die
Kept asking God why, do I deserve this?
We all make mistakes, ain't nobody perfect
We're human, and through it all, I remained a good woman to you
Prayin for strength and losin my faith
How could you lay in our bed and lie in my face?
Jumpin out my sleep
Havin nightmares of me tossin and turnin, my heart still burnin
Watchin me suffer, relivin my fears
Holdin my pillow close while you dryin my tears
Stop your blood claat cryin, need to stop lyin
and look me in my eyes 'fore these plates start flyin
And how the fuck could you disrespect us
Everything we stand for, all our love and our trust
Seems like I said before, you won't appreciate me
and everything we have 'til I'm out the fuckin door


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